QA1 Expands NMCA and NMRA Contingency Program to Include Carbon Fiber Driveshafts

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QA1 is proud to expand its contingency programs with NMRA, NMCA and NMCA West to include awarding top performers using a QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft. In addition, the existing contingency programs for racers using QA1 shocks or struts have been expanded to include 18 new racing classes to support even more racers.

The expansion reflects QA1’s growing driveline division, which offers REV™ Series carbon fiber driveshafts for both hardcore drag racing and high performance street use. “We are proud that so many racers have put their trust in our driveshafts,” says Dave Goldie, QA1 Street Performance and Racing Product Manager, “and we are happy to support them the same way we have supported those who trust our performance line of shocks and struts.”

PrintThis is the fifth year that QA1 is a contingency sponsor for NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, NMCA West Street Car Nationals and NMRA National Series, which provide the largest cash programs in their respective racing areas, totaling over $8.5 million in total posted cash between the three. “QA1 is committed to helping racers compete at the highest level, and these programs highlight the best of the best,” Goldie says. “NMRA and NMCA have been great partners and run very professional events that attract a lot of racers. We look forward to continue working with them.”

To be eligible for contingency, racers participating in the NMCA Muscle Car Nationals, NMCA West Street Car Nationals and NMRA National Series need to be running QA1 shocks/struts or a QA1 carbon fiber driveshaft and have a QA1 decal displayed on their vehicle. For each program, QA1 is awarding cash prizes in values ranging from $75 to $300 for the winners and runners up in each participating class:

NMRA Contingency Classes
Shocks & Struts: Factory Stock, Pure Street, Modular Muscle, Super Stang, Open Comp, Truck & Lightning, Ford Muscle (NEW), Terminator/GT500

Driveshafts (all NEW): Street Outlaw, Renegade, Coyote Modified, Modular Muscle, Super Stang, Open Comp, Truck and Lightning, Ford Muscle, Terminator/GT500

NMCA Contingency Classes
Shocks & Struts: Radial Wars (NEW), Nitrous Pro Street (NEW), Xtreme Street (NEW), N/A 10.5 (NEW), Street Outlaw (NEW), Factory Super Cars (NEW), and Top Sportsman (NEW), Open Comp, Nostalgia Super Stock, Nostalgia Muscle Car, LSX Challenge.

Driveshafts (all NEW): Radial Wars, Nitrous Pro Street, Xtreme Street, N/A 10.5, Street Outlaw, Top Sportsman, Open Comp, Nostalgia Super Stock, Nostalgia Muscle Car, LSX Challenge.

NMRA West Contingency Classes
Shocks & Struts: Limited Street (NEW), Outlaw 8.5 (NEW), N/A 10.5 (NEW), Top Sportsman (NEW), Nostalgia Street Car (NEW), Open Comp, Mustang Madness (NEW), Super Quick (NEW), Quick Street (NEW), Pro Comp (NEW), Street Comp (NEW)

Driveshafts (all NEW): Outlaw 8.5, N/A 10.5, Nostalgia Street Car, Open Comp, Mustang Madness, Super Quick, Quick Street, Pro Comp

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