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Product Spotlight: CTECH Manufacturing’s Race Cabinets

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Based in Weston, Wisconsin, CTECH Manufacturing has been the company of choice when it comes to aluminum carts, cabinets and drawers. Their line of durable, lightweight and high-quality products have allowed them to stand out in all motorsports, with advancement in that area opening up opportunities with U.S. Military/Naval applications, the NFL and many others.

Owned and founded by Comp Eliminator racer Jim Greenheck, CTECH Manufacturing knows what racers are looking for when it comes to organizing their pit areas, trailers and shops. This firsthand knowledge of the sport is evident when looking at the company’s line of cabinets and drawers, which come in a variety of options that allows for complete customization by the customer.

After checking out the photos of some of CTECH’s cabinets below, head to the CTECH Manufacturing Layout Builder to start building your dream trailer or shop layout.

MotionLatch® drawers complete any trailer or mobile storage. The secure latch design keeps your tools secure during transit, but allows for an effortless operation. 

Base cabinets, roller chest, work bench – no matter what you call them, CTech aluminum cabinets are design to handle any storage need. 

Walking into an organized trailer, shop, or garage can set the tone for how you choose to present yourself. CTech has supported countless championship teams through improved organization. 

Knowing where your tools are in your work space is critical to an efficient work space and CTech’s MotionLatch® drawers and doors give you effortless access. 

Depending on your foot print CTech’s overhead cabinets offer great storage solutions that are up and out of the way. 

MotionLatch® drawers give effortless operation to the most secure closure available. One Hand – One Motion and your tools are at your fingertips. 

Customize any trailer with premium cabinets that will last you a lifetime. Lightweight aluminum construction and powder coat finish give you the assurance of a quality build. 

Bases, Overheads, Closets – CTech can design any cabinet for any application. 



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