Powerocks Boosts NHRA Real Pro Mod Series

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NHRA-ProMod-logo2014R.P.M (Real Pro Mod) is pleased to announce the addition of Powerocks to a growing list of supporters. Powerocks will not only be the presenting sponsor for two of the NHRA Pro Mod Drag Racing Series events (Englishtown and Charlotte 2) they will also have an onsite presence at all NHRA events with convenient charging stations for NHRA fans and spectators.

The charging stations will be set up with connectors to common mobile devices and will allow for the quick charge of smart phones, iPads, GPS units, and other mobile devices. The two Powerocks charging stations will be located in the Nitro Mall.


Powerocks-Logo2014Powerocks are a line of portable charging devices that are perfect for people on the go or the one who wants to get away from it all. Powerocks features several models of portable chargers from the 2800mAh capacity Magicsticks that can charge the average smart phone up to two times before needing a recharge, to the 12000mAh Magic Cube that can charge multiple devices at once.

Designed with an advanced lithium ion technology, they are safe and reliable portable chargers that can be conveniently carried in a pocket, purse, backpack or briefcase and have a lifecycle beyond 500 charging cycles.  They charge a variety of mobile devices, such as cell phones, iPads, GPS units, and other mobile devices enabling individuals to keep connected to family, loved ones, and even in the direst of circumstances, emergency response officials.

With the recent advent of tablets and smart phones as high performance tuning aids a Powerocks device should be found in every NHRA tuner/crewchief’s pocket. Tablets and smart phones can now wirelessly communicate with on board data acquisition computers allowing one to view live on board data at just about any given time. No tuner/crewchief would want their wireless device’s battery to die as his driver is staging and it won’t, as long as they have their Powerocks!

New for 2014 is the Powerocks 3000mAh Flash Magicstick! The 3000mAh Flash Magicstick has the same fantastic features of the 2800mAh Magicstick, but now with a convenient and powerful LED flashlight. The Powerocks Flash Magicstick is just slightly longer than the original and has the same great lithium-ion battery to keep you Charged Up!  This new model will retail for $49.99 and be available for purchase during this first quarter of 2014.

For more information on Powerocks check out powerocksusa.com. For all of your R.P.M. News, checkout www.realpromod.com.



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