POTENTIAL PARTNERSHIP: Keith Berry & Keith Haney Exploring Joining Forces

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Could it be possible that Keith Berry and Keith Haney to join forces? Well, that’s the latest.

The two Keiths – who are both known for having larger than life personalities and are often the source of controversy – have been in discussion about a potential partnership and collaboration for the 2017 race season, but the deal could come to fruition as early as this year.


“Right now, we’re talking about me driving Haney’s radial car in Outlaw 10.5 trim for the 10-race PDRA season next year,” says Berry, in reference to Haney’s Larry Jeffers Race Cars-built Chevrolet Camaro which features an engine from Reher-Morrison under its hood. Haney himself will focus on the PDRA Pro Nitrous class for 2017 with his Pro Nitrous Camaro, but it’s likely he will miss one or two events. “I may step in to drive for those, too,” adds Berry.

Keith Haney

Keith Haney

Regarding his current, championship-winning, twin turbocharged Bell Chassisworks-built C5 Z06 Corvette, Berry is undecided on what will become of it. “I may sell it… or I may make it into a no time/grudge car. Either way, driving Haney’s would be my priority,” he explains of the plans for juggling his own car with the responsibilities of driving Haney’s.

As Berry’s been highly involved with the folks at Pro Line Racing, the question of whether that relationship would extend in to the partnership with Keith Haney Racing is a legitimate one, but Berry was quick to squash and rumors there. “There’s a better chance of Haney going turbo than Pro Line Racing going nitrous,” laughs Berry with his trademark jokester style.

Having worked exclusively with turbos cars, the possibility of Berry switching to a different power adder is an exciting one. He’s admittedly quite particular about his starting line procedures and has a very specific way that he likes to do things in, so the idea of having to mix things up for the nitrous car is a bit uncomfortable.

“I have a certain way that I do things, and I make sure that I do them the same way every time out. I’m worried that by changing the way I do things to accommodate for the nitrous car, it may mess with how I do things when I’m back in the turbo car,” Berry elaborates.

Whether the deal between the two Keiths actually becomes a reality or not is still up in the air, but given both Berry and Haney’s pasts and how they two seem to enjoy shaking things up and keeping secrets, it’s anyone’s guess as to how it will actually go down – if at all.



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