PDRA’s Lucas Oil Top Dragster Expands Qualifying Fields for 2018

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Looking for innovative and greater ways to support their sportsman racers, the PDRA introduced a new program for MagnaFuel Top Sportsman this year. It featured the chance for up to 48 cars to qualify. The top 16 qualifiers automatically entered their own class, Elite 16, while the bottom qualifiers formed a separate 32 or 48 car field, based on the number of total cars entered.

The PDRA is now proud to announce the same program will be in place for Lucas Oil Top Dragster in 2018.


“This year was a huge success for MagnaFuel Top Sportsman in having the Elite 16 and the regular 32 car Top Sportsman field,” explained PDRA’s Bob Harris. “We’ve had 16 of the fastest Top Sportsman cars in the country running consistently low numbers. Since it was such a success, we’re going to continue that program for Top Sportsman in 2018 and also offer it for Lucas Oil Top Dragster. We’re very excited about the ways this will support our Top Dragster racers and enhance the PDRA.”

Lucas Oil will remain the title sponsor of Top Dragster in 2018. “We thoroughly enjoy working with Lucas Oil,” stated PDRA Director of Marketing, Will Smith. “They are expanding their presence in the PDRA, including offering more product at the events. Their involvement has increased and allows us to do this new Top Dragster deal, which is something that I think will be a great addition to our PDRA family.”

For this program, qualifying will continue to operate in the same way, all cars qualifying together. Once qualifying is complete the top 16 cars automatically enter the Elite 16. The remaining field will consist of either 16 or 32 cars, depending on the number of entries.

All four classes of Top Sportsman and Top Dragster will run for a world championship and each class will run for its own 660 Man at every event.

“We’re grateful to our racers for the support they show us,” added Harris. “We aim to give them the best racing environment possible and do all we can to make each class the best it can be.”



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