PDRA East Coast Nationals – Sunday Race Notes

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After COVID-19 extended the offseason by an extra two months, the 2020 PDRA season is finally kicking off with the East Coast Nationals presented by FuelTech at GALOT Motorsports Park in Benson, N.C.

State and local officials aren’t allowing spectators this weekend, but fans can watch the official event livestream on SpeedVideo.


Pro Street First-Round Results

Russell McManious – 4.088
Mark Micke – 4.049 W

Paul Gargus – 10.579
Joseph Rivera – 4.321 W

Andy Manson – 4.16
Brian McGee – 4.076 W

Pro Outlaw 632 Semifinal Results

Chris Holdorf – 4.358
Wes Distefano – 4.288 W

Walter Lannigan Jr. – 4.257 W
Robert Sellers – 4.392

Extreme Pro Stock Final Round

Johnny Pluchino – 4.059 W
Elijah Morton – 5.208

Pro Boost Semifinal Results

Jason Harris – 3.674 (red light)
Melanie Salemi – 5.263 W

John Strickland – 3.67 W
Kurt Steding – 3.713

Pro Nitrous Semifinal Results

Jay Cox – 5.758
Tommy Franklin – 3.674 W

Jim Widener – 5.232 W
Jim Halsey – (fuel leak)

Update at 1:31 p.m.

Pro Nitrous semifinalists are in the lanes. Pro Boost will follow, along with the Extreme Pro Stock final round.

Pro Nitrous Motorcycle Second-Round Results (Final Round)

Travis Davis – 4.03 W
Paul Gast – 4.013

Extreme Pro Stock Second-Round Results

Steven Boone – 4.116
Johnny Pluchino – 4.075 W

Elijah Morton – 4.058 W
JR Carr – 4.066

Pro Boost Second-Round Results

Jeff Rudolf – 5.106
Melanie Salemi – 3.725 W

Jason Harris – 3.668 W
Marc Caruso – 4.886

John Strickland – 3.654 W
John Camp – 15.476

Kurt Steding – 3.698 W
Randy Weatherford – 3.668

Pro Nitrous Second-Round Results

Jim Widener – 3.718 W
Fredy Scriba – 7.129

Rob Hunnicutt – 3.78
Tommy Franklin – 3.669 W

Tony Wilson – 3.736
Jay Cox – 3.708 W

Chris Rini – 3.722
Jim Halsey – 3.667 W

Update at 10:44 a.m.

Pro Outlaw 632, Elite Top Sportsman and Elite Top Dragster have completed first round of eliminations, originally scheduled to run last night. Track prep is underway for second round of Pro Nitrous, Pro Boost, Extreme Pro Stock, and the Pro Nitrous Motorcycle final round.

Pro Outlaw 632 First-Round Results

Elite Top Sportsman First-Round Results

Elite Top Dragster First-Round Results

Update at 10:15 a.m.

The completion of Pro Outlaw 632’s first round of eliminations kicked things off at 10 a.m. We were a couple pairs into Elite Top Sportsman first round when the top end official reported oil out of one of the cars. It required a quick cleanup and pass from the rotator tractor.

Sunday Run Order

No. 1 Qualifiers

Check out the low qualifier video from Straight Line Media!



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