PDRA Carolina Showdown – Saturday Race Notes

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The PDRA is back in action at the Carolina Showdown presented by ProCharger at Darlington Dragway. It’s the second race of the now-seven-race season, following the East Coast Nationals presented by FuelTech at GALOT Motorsports Park in late May.

The series will conclude sportsman qualifying and go into eliminations today.


PDRA announced earlier this week that a limited number of spectators will be allowed to attend this race. Tickets are available here. Fans watching from afar can tune in to the official event livestream via SpeedVideo.

Stay tuned to this page for eliminations results, news and more.

Pro Outlaw 632 Semifinal Results

Chris Holdorf – Left before tree
Wes Distefano – 4.236 W

Dillon Voss – 4.227 W
Walter Lannigan Jr. – 4.267

Pro Nitrous Motorcycle Semifinal Results

Travis Davis – 4.065 W
Richard Gadson – 4.632

Chris Garner-Jones – 4.02 W

Extreme Pro Stock Semifinal Results

Elijah Morton – 4.95 W
Chris Powers – 4.084 (red light)

JR Carr – 4.036 W
Johnny Pluchino –4.092

Pro Boost Semifinal Results

Kevin Rivenbark – 3.675 W
Jason Harris – 3.692

John Strickland – 3.661 W
Randy Weatherford – 3.67

Pro Nitrous Semifinal Results

Jim Halsey – 3.845 W
Andrew Handras – 5.918

Tommy Franklin – 3.659 W

Pro Semifinals Coming Soon

We’re running through the sportsman classes, then track prep for the semifinals in the pro classes. Extreme Pro Stock, Pro Nitrous Motorcycle and Pro Outlaw 632 were skipped in the last rotation since they were already down to four cars.

Pro Boost Second-Round Results

Jason Harris – 3.734 W
Todd Moyer – 3.799

Johnny Camp – 3.726
John Strickland – 3.695 W

Kevin Rivenbark – 3.73 W
Dereck Ward – 12.235

Kurt Steding – 3.702 (red light)
Randy Weatherford – 3.709 W

Pro Nitrous Second-Round Results

Billy Albert – 3.813
Brian Shrader – 3.815 W

Charles Carpenter – 5.333
Andrew Handras – 3.814 W

Jim Halsey – 3.699 W

Tommy Franklin – 3.681 W
Lizzy Musi – 3.736

Pro Jr. Dragster Second-Round Results

Top Jr. Dragster Second-Round Results

Top Dragster 32 Second-Round Results

Top Sportsman 32 Second-Round Results

Elite Top Dragster First-Round Results

Elite Top Sportsman First-Round Results

Pro Outlaw 632 First-Round Results

Chris Holdorf – 4.297 W
Alan O’Brien – 4.583

Walter Lannigan Jr. – 4.285 W
Kevin Carpenter – 4.411

Dillon Voss – 4.263 W
Jordan Ensslin – 4.375

Wes Distefano – 4.307 W
Mike Murphy – 4.778

Pro Nitrous Motorcycle First-Round Results

Brunson Grothus – 4.165
Richard Gadson – 4.073 W

Travis Davis – 4.111 W
Terry Wynn – 8.729

Chris Garner-Jones – 4.037 W
Gerald Smith – 9.893

Extreme Pro Boost First-Round Results

John Montecalvo – 4.116
Johnny Pluchino – 4.142 W

Elijah Morton – 4.125 W
Steven Boone – 4.175

Chris Powers – 4.144 W
Justin Kirk – 4.166

JR Carr – 4.053 W
Dwayne Rice – 6.118

Pro Boost First-Round Results

James Beadling – 4.67
Todd Moyer – 3.891 W

Kurt Steding – 3.711 W
Melanie Salemi – 5.234

John Strickland – 3.725 W
Clint Satterfield – 4.866

Kevin Rivenbark – 3.722 W
Eric Gustafson – 3.848

Dereck Ward – 4.220 W
Marc Caruso – 6.445

Caruso got out of shape around the 330-foot mark, then darted over into the right-hand wall. Hard hit, but reports from the first responders say Caruso is OK. This is Caruso’s second race back in competition after recovering from a brutal crash at the NHRA Bristol race in 2019.

We’ll be down for a bit, then there are a few more pairs of Pro Boost cars.

Johnny Camp – 3.722 W
Kris Thorne – 4.006

Randy Weatherford – 3.728 W
Jamie Chappell – 5.138

Jason Harris – 3.729 W
Stan Shelton – 7.541

Pro Nitrous First-Round Results

Dave Roemer – 4.116
Lizzy Musi – 3.782 W

Tommy Mauney – 4.979
Billy Albert – 3.838 W

Charles Carpenter – 3.789 W
Rob Hunnicutt – 3.967

Andrew Handras – 3.816 W
Jay Cox – 3.849

Chris Rini – 4.842
Brian Shrader – 4.367 W

Tommy Franklin – 3.692 W
Aaron Glaser – 5.961

Jim Halsey – 3.733 W
Tony Wilson – no time

Pro Eliminations Coming Up

Pro Nitrous cars are paired up and parked in the staging lanes for the first round of eliminations. Tyler Crossnoe and the track prep team are finishing up track prep, and pre-race ceremonies will begin soon. (Updated at 2:10 p.m.)

Pro Jr. Dragster First-Round Results

Top Jr. Dragster First-Round Results

Top Sportsman 32 Second-Round Ladder

Top Dragster 32 Second-Round Ladder

Halsey, Harris, Carr, Garner-Jones and Distefano Qualify No. 1 in Pro Classes

Straight Line Media put together this video featuring the low qualifiers in the pro classes: Jim Halsey in Pro Nitrous, Jason Harris in Pro Boost, JR Carr in Extreme Pro Stock, Chris Garner-Jones in Pro Nitrous Motorcycle and Wes Distefano in Pro Outlaw 632. Read our full qualifying recap here.

Top Jr. Dragster Eliminations Ladder and Final Qualifying Order

Pro Jr. Dragster Eliminations Ladder and Final Qualifying Order

Elite Top Dragster Eliminations Ladder and Final Qualifying Order

Top Dragster 32 Eliminations Ladder and Final Qualifying Order

Elite Top Sportsman Eliminations Ladder

Top Sportsman 32 Eliminations Ladder

Top Sportsman Final Qualifying Order

Saturday Schedule



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