New High Performance Semi-Synthetic Motorcycle Oil from LAT

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A recent addition to the their rapidly growing line of sophisticated high performance lubricants, thread lockers, cleaners and grease, these Semi Synthetic blends from LAT are formulated using a combination of the purest base oils, robust additive package and high shear polymere. A perfect choice for heavy load and high performance motorcycle applications, these unique oils provide quicker, more positive ring seal and extreme engine protection. Additionally, independent tests have shown increases in horsepower, torque and RPM when compared to conventional oil but without the high cost of Full Synthetics. Available in 20W50, $10.95 and Pro 15W40. Pro mix is a little more edgy with lighter weight for increases in horsepower and a more aggressive detergent package. Pro 15W40 retails for $11.95 and is a perfect match for high performance street and strip engines requiring a lighter viscosity oil. Catch the complete line of LAT products at or call direct to 888-LAT-OILS (888-528-6457)



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