Musi Racing Engines To Partner With Brisk USA Spark Plugs In 2020

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Pat Musi Racing Engines announced today a partnership with Brisk USA Spark Plugs, pairing two industry leaders for 2020 and beyond.

By working together next year, every Pat Musi Racing Engine will include the innovative and highly-rated Brisk USA Spark Plugs, forging a strong alliance between two premier companies.


“Brisk makes a really high-end spark plug and we’re excited about having them in our motors,” Pat Musi said. “They’ve got a good product, they’re a good company and I’m excited to bring them on board. If I believe in a product, I’m going to use and endorse it, and Brisk USA Spark Plugs are going to be our plug of choice.”

Musi believes having the spark plugs in every engine – from the high-end 959 cubic-inch engine on down to its 555 cubic-inch motor – will have a noticeable effect for customers at every level. Brisk’s reliance on a sliver center electrode have helped set its spark plugs apart, delivering unparalleled durability and performance.

Musi raved about the consistency of the plug during testing, while Brisk Spark Plugs, which has produced spark plugs for nearly 85 years, is thrilled for the opportunity to team with a noted and successful engine builder like Musi.

“We’re excited about all of this and we’re pleased to establish this relationship,” said Martin Uhlir, Brisk USA Spark Plugs Director of Operations. “We really appreciate people using our product and we let the products speak for themselves. Our goal is to provide solutions the market needs and come up with products that benefit racers.”

Brisk USA has specialized in its silver center electrode technology in its high-performance racing spark plugs, also offering several unique patented spark plug firing designs. The silver center leads to a more potent spark plug, allowing racers to run a more aggressive tune-up without sacrificing consistency or durability.

“Running a proper spark plug can make a significant difference,” Uhlir said. “Different spark plugs are designed for different applications and that’s what sets our product apart. That means better spark quality and it can take more abuse from an aggressive setup, which helps racers go faster.”

Brisk USA Spark Plugs paired with the nearly universal praise for Musi Engines’ durability and performance on all racing levels makes an ideal combination. Musi believes customers will see an improvement by having Brisk Spark Plugs in their engines, and it’s an idea he hopes to use with other partners in 2020.

“What we’ve seen is a consistent product without any failures,” Musi said. “Our goal is to have all our brands working together and using the same products. Our customers rely on us for good information, and I’ve really liked what I’ve seen from these plugs. We’re putting them in all our engines and I think it’s going to be a really good deal for everyone.”



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