Melling Performance to debut NEW Shark Oil Pumps at PRI Show!

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Jackson, MI – Melling will be introducing a brand new oil pump with asymmetrical helical cut gears for small block Chevys at the Performance Racing Industry Show in Indianapolis. The “Shark” pump offers smoother output than a traditional spur gear oil pump, along with reduced power requirements and higher volume output. The pump has a cast iron housing with steel helical cut gears.

Helical Asymmetrical Oil Pump Technology
R&D Code Name: “Shark Tooth Pump”

Melling has improved the heart-beat of the traditional internal gear pump. It is now

significantly smoother through the use of new helical asymmetrical gears. The new
gear design provides the engine with an improved flow of oil without the usual
pulsing found in traditional gear pumps. The reduction in the pressure ripple from
the pump will also provide benefits to the distributor and camshaft drive.

* Significant reduction in pressure ripple (pulsing)
* Reduction in torque ripple in pump drive
* Improved distributor operation – reduction in spark scatter
* Improved distributor gear wear & intermediate shaft wear

* Improved sealing of gear tips to housing
* Reduced internal leakage
* Improved efficiency and performance

* Increased inlet vacuum

* Primes faster


Available in Three Configurations for the Small Block V-8 Chevy Engines

STAGE 1 – Part # 10550ST & 10551ST

* New cast iron housing and cover
* 25% increase in volume over stock
* 5/8″ & 3/4″ traditional press fit screens

STAGE 2 – Part # 10552ST & 10555ST

* New cast iron housing & cover
* 10% & 25% increase in volume over stock
* Patented design
* 3/4″ traditional press fit and exclusive bolt-on screens

STAGE 3 – Part # 10050ST-700CT & 10050ST-825SS

* Billet aluminum pumps for circle track and street-strip
* 6061-T6 coated billet aluminum housing and cover
* 25% increase in volume over stock
* Patented design
* Integral screen design


Stop by to try a LIVE spin test demonstration at the show.

BOOTH #1611

About Melling 

Melling is a leading manufacturer of oil pumps and other power train components. Melling serves the global automotive original equipment and aftermarket industries and is noted for its strong engineering, product development and distribution capabilities. Melling operates 10 facilities in North America and Brazil.



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