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Mark Williams Enterprises, the originator of modular aluminum rear end housings for 9″ Ford applications, has introduced a number of refinements to expand use of the units with new chassis configurations. M-W housings are now offered with 4-link centers as narrow as 16″ and overall widths to 43″. They are also available for solid-mount use and street setups.

As always, the center section is cast from a hi-strength aircraft aluminum alloy with a tensile strength of over 60,000 psi. The design incorporates full-width strengthening ribs, which combines with a new, braced upper support for anti-roll bar attachment (and/or upper wheelie bar mounts) to provide unrivaled rigidity. 4-link brackets are keyed to eliminate center section movement. A primary benefit of the M-W housing is the virtual elimination of flex (common with fabricated steel units), which combines with precision CNC machining to assure perfect alignment of internal components during the most severe shock loads and acceleration. This reduced friction translates into quicker ETs and improved gear life.

M-W Modular Aluminum housings are available with flanged or full-floater axles, as well as a choice of steel or carbon/carbon brakes. Both products are backed by an NHRA Major Sponsorship contingency award program at National, Divisional and E.T. Championship events.

Another unique feature of the Mark Williams housing is that is comes with a provision to mount a pinion-driven lubrication pump. The 9″ unit shares many components with the exclusive 11″ M-W housing (which boasts infinite gear life) and can be economically upgraded.

For additional information contact M-W’s tech team at 800-525-1963 or go Send $6 for a postpaid copy of the latest catalog (also available online) along with a handy plastic gear ratio calculator.  Remit to Mark Williams Enterprises, 765 S. Pierce Ave., Louisville, CO 80027.



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