MagnaFuel Top Sportsman Continues to Thrive

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MagnaFuel Top Sportsman has regularly produced the largest fields in the PDRA, garnering up to 100 participants at a single event. The Pro Mod spinoff has continued to grow in prestige through the PDRA. MagnaFuel, a leader in high performance fuel systems, will back Top Sportsman again in 2018.

Since 1995, MagnaFuel has designed and manufactured premium high-performance fuel systems, which the company continues to develop working with professional racers. MagnaFuel is able to deliver high-end features and race-proven durability in a system that’s affordable to all racers, street to pro. MagnaFuel tests every pump and regulator for pressure and volume.


“We are fortunate in being able to continue to be apart of such a rapidly growing class,” stated Robbie Ward, President of MagnaFuel. “Many of the event winners and class champions have been great and loyal customers of MagnaFuel.”

As Top Sportsman continues its historic journey within the PDRA, MagnaFuel systems helps not only craft the overall story of Top Sportsman but is on board for winning and record setting runs at every event.

MagnaFuel systems have been on board for historic runs such as Kurt Johnson’s six-second club run and is now used on everything from speedboats to hill-climb trucks. MagnaFuel delivers high-end features and race-proven durability at an affordable price.

“Top Sportsman really shined this last year with the new format and we expect that to continue,” told PDRA Marketing Director, Will Smith. “It’s because of MagnaFuel’s support that we’re able to see this class grow and thrive. We really appreciate what Robbie and his crew at MagnaFuel do for the sport and for the individual racer.”

Hickory Enclosed Trailer Sales is back again this year to sponsor the Low Qualifier Award in both Lucas Oil Top Dragster and MagnaFuel Top Sportsman. As competitors in the categories, Jeff Pittman and Angie Travis understand the dedication, energy and funds it takes to compete at the top and have chosen to sponsor the Low Qualifier Awards in an effort to give back. They provide both trailers and motorcoaches through Hickory Enclosed Trailer Sales and Racing Performance Motorcoaches.

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