Kirsten Tucker: Pro Stock Sweetheart

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“It’s only February, but 2014 has already been a chaotic year,” says Kirsten. “Developing our own 500 c.i. engine program, uprooting our families and managing the logistics of relocating our entire team from Australia to America has had us crazy busy, but as a part of this family, and, of course, my brother’s biggest fan, it’s all been worth it. Like I said, this has always been the dream.”

Outside of the race and championship-winning aspirations in the heart of any race team worth their salt, according to Kirsten the Tuckers’ main aim is “to represent all the Australian fans and supporters back home, as well as our friends, family and fellow Aussie racers. We’re very excited to be returning to the USA with our own Australian team and proudly wave our flag.”


In the process, Kirsten is hopeful that her brother—and possibly herself—are able to spark interest amongst American race fans and establish a marketing partnership that puts them on the NHRA tour full-time.

“I think the biggest and most rewarding part of all this, being a driver, is having a fan base,” says Kirsten. “Shane and I work very closely with our manager, Andrew Adamson, to create an image that fans can relate to and can return added value for our sponsors. Everything we do in presenting our team and ourselves as athletes is focused on creating an experience for the fans. The younger generation is definitely key to driving growth within our sport, and I believe that keeping the drivers at the forefront is what will help us build a larger fan base and reward us with supporters in the USA like it has done for us in Australia.

“First things first, for me, and even for Shane, it’s win a round, win a race, and take it from there,” she concludes. “It’s one thing at a time. We’ve been around this long enough to know that nothing comes easy.”




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