Holley Announces High Flow Throttle Bodies for GM LS Engines

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Holley is proud to announce the release of their 95 and 105 mm EFI LS throttle bodies designed for 4-bolt LS intakes.

These feature-laden throttle bodies are constructed of billet aluminum to provide maximum durability and great looks. They feature a fully adjustable PCV passage valve that allows for fine tuning and accommodates forced induction applications where a PCV system is not used. An integrated idle bleed adjustment screw allows idle adjustment without affecting throttle position or TPS voltage. They also feature a patent-pending TPS clocker adjustment that allows you to rotate the TPS back into the ECU’s required voltage range to eliminate any TPS-related idle issues. The available tapered bores ensure great low-RPM drivability and power delivery, while the straight through 105 mm bore is reserved for applications where peak power is the only concern. The black anodized finish gives the throttle bodies a high-tech, subdued look that will complement any engine bay.


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