HEATED CONVERSATION: Lizzy Musi Talks Racing with Dad

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As one of the most prominent father-daughter duos in drag racing today, engine builder Pat Musi and his daughter, PDRA Pro Nitrous star Lizzy Musi, have proven that their unique dynamic leads to success back at the shop and at the track, but that passionate drive can also create conflict as Lizzy admitted after a rare mechanical issue prevented her from making the first qualifying run at PDRA Dragstock XII.

“Racing with my dad is a little difficult at times. He still looks at me as his daughter. Sometimes we’ll butt heads over whether or not I made a mistake on a run. I tell him if I made a mistake or did everything right, but sometimes it takes him awhile to realize it. It’s how my dad is and I’ve learned to get used to it. We do make a great team at the end of the day, though. He’s one smart guy and I need to listen to him as much as I can because he has such great experience. I just have to bite the bullet sometimes.”


In between the tense moments, though, are many more instances of triumph, as Musi moved on through the weekend to secure the event win on a holeshot over Pat Musi Racing Engines customer Tommy Franklin. If a little tough love is the price to pay for the opportunity to race with a tuner and former driver with the experience that her father has, then Lizzy will gladly accept it.

“Growing up as a little girl watching my dad race, I couldn’t think of a better teacher. I didn’t go off to school, I just listened to everything he taught me to do. I guess it came naturally after that. Coming back from a run, I tell him what I feel and what I hear. It’s awesome to come back and look at the run on the computer and compare thoughts and ideas for the next run. Being able to race with my dad is pretty awesome. I couldn’t ask for a better guy to have as a crew chief and a father. My dad works hard, and I look up to that.”

Photograph by Joe McHugh
GALOT Motorsports Park
Benson, North Carolina
September 9th, 2016



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