GZ Motorsports High Volume Pressure Release Valve

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GZ Motorsports LLC is proud to announce our new high volume pressure relief  or blow off valve.  Made from 6061 Billet Aluminum stock, it is a two piece adjustable valve that relieves pressure in the engine from excessive blow by. It is activated at below 2 psi pressure. The part number is VCB100B which consists of a base with a nylon washer and nut that can be installed in a standard grommet hole in a valve cover or placed in a valley pan and a top that may be removed to replace the spring of Teflon ball inside. The top has an o-ring between it and the base to which is attached.  Once the valve is activated the blow-by gases are vented through a fitting in the top which may be routed to a catch can or other means of containing fluids in the gases.

A pressure relief valve (blow off valve) is essential for any blown or power added high performance engine with a Vacuum Pump or limited breathing.  It is wise to install one on engines with Vacuum pumps as well do to very limited breathing when the pump is not functioning.

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