FLO-FAST Fuel Pump Makes Between-Round Fueling Easier

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The FLO-FAST system is an ideal tool for all racers. FLO-FAST Professional Model will pump or draw fluid at a rate of 8 gallon per minute. You can pump all types of race fuels from alcohol / methanol, gas, nitro, etc. FLO-FAST was developed by a racer and is a necessity for many who have fuel cells in tough-to-reach places. Race cars are purpose built, which places fuel cells in protected and many times tough to reach areas for the conventional funnel and jug pour operation. Log onto for more information.

  • Pumps of draws fluid at a rate of 8 GPM
  • Adapts to most 5-gallon jugs and to all 55-gallon drums
  • Compatible with all race gas, methanol and nitro



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