FAST Offers EFI Solutions to Sportsman Racers Through XFI Sportsman

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Easy-to-use and custom-tunable, The FAST® XFI Sportsman™ Engine Control System was created to bridge the gap between the EZ-EFI® and XFI 2.0™ systems and is a perfect choice for drag racing applications.

The EFI setup offers both load-indexed Speed Density or Alpha-N fuel strategies, with the latter specifically added to serve Sportsman drag racers looking for absolute consistency. It supports both naturally aspirated and boosted applications up to 5 bar, is compatible with wet nitrous and has nitrous timing retard control.

While it requires a laptop for custom tuning — using the included C-Com® software — the XFI Sportsman™ system has an Adaptive Learn mode, in which the user can set minimum values and let the system make adjustments to stay within parameters.

Full tables to monitor fueling, acceleration fuel, timing and air/fuel targets, along with full-function Internal Data Logging, give the user all the information needed to dial in their drag car for maximum performance.

The system ships with a water-resistant ECU, wide-band O2 sensor and electronic fuel pressure kit.

Built-in CAN network support for the EZ-TCU™, EZ-LS™, XIM™ and full-color eDash display also means the user can easily plug-and-play those components (sold separately) with the included network wire.

An included pre-terminated multi-port harness makes for easy installation on setups with a multi-port system, or either generation of the FAST® EZ-EFI® throttle body. A kit including a 4150-style, eight-injector, 1,200HP-capable throttle body is available for users converting from a carbureted setup.

In early 2016, FAST also began offering XFI Sportsman™ Roots Blower Dual Quad (2×4 setup) and Blow-Through Supercharger systems.



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