Elite Motorsports Partners with High Performance Lubricants for 2017

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Elite Motorsports is proud to announce a partnership with High Performance Lubricants for the 2017 NHRA Mellow Yellow Drag Racing Series.

“At Elite Motorsports, we have spent the last few years searching for the best lubricants for our team,” Richard Freeman said. “We evaluated High Performance Lubricants’ racing oils and the results have been fantastic. In the areas of the engine where lubricants are challenged, the parts look wonderful when we inspect the engines. Their facility is packed full of lab equipment that allows them to develop things for us quickly. I believe we have found what we’ve been looking for.”


“High Performance Lubricants is like the custom shop in the oil world,” High Performance Lubricants’ manager David Ward said. “We’re not like other oil companies. Although we are primarily an industrial lubricant company, we have a passion for motorsports. Things we learn in racing will get implemented in our industrial products and vice versa. We produce the best products utilizing the best qualifying base oil and additives available to us. Most oil companies focus on making their products economically first and then comes the hype; we are not made that way. We’re technically driven and result oriented. We put everything we can into the products to make the lubricants perform.”



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