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Elite Motorsports LLC Uses First-Hand Racing Experience to Guide Customers Down Right Path

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With an extensive drag racing background, as well as owning and operating its own professional race team, Elite Motorsports has separated itself as a premier dealer when it comes to motorsports transportation.

It’s helped Elite work closely with customers to find the perfect fit when it comes to trucks, trailers and motorhomes, which has made a tremendous difference over the years.

“Not only do we use the products, we’re out there with the racers every week,” Elite’s Michael Brotherton says. “We know how they’re built and we have a lot of knowledge in that regard.

“We have experience troubleshooting and we’ve been down that road. If someone has issues, we can help most of the time. The people we work with are our friends and we try to send them in the right direction.”

That’s been the mindset of the company since it started in 2006. Brotherton has been there from the start, bringing his extensive experience to the team.

He raced Top Fuel from 1987-1995 and grew up in the sport, using products from small tag trailers to massive motorcoaches. After leaving the Top Fuel ranks, he became VP of Sales at Champion Trailers, taking that wealth of knowledge to Elite Motorsports in 2006.

Brotherton has seen every variation of truck and trailer possible and has an in-depth knowledge of the brands in the industry.

That expertise is passed onto the customers to help ensure their purchase aligns with what they’re racing, how often they’re racing and other factors that might not be initially considered.

“We have a lot of people who don’t have experience with trucks and trailers, and we try to keep them from making a mistake,” Brotherton says. “We have the perspective to know what works. We have that insight and we try to help so they’re not buying something that might not have enough power, might not be right for them, things along those lines. We try to help get them where they want to be.”

That’s especially valuable for newcomers to the sport, as Elite’s strong track record helping customers has made them experts in the truck and trailer field, especially when it comes to motorsports. It’s that attention to detail that can’t be found at a typical dealer.

“They’re just selling a product,” Brotherton says. “Most don’t have the knowledge if you have a problem or how to help. That’s the insight we have.”

Brotherton said 2020 was “probably the best year we’ve ever had,” with truck and trailer sales skyrocketing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the midst of the public health crisis, racers still found a way to race, coming out in record numbers throughout the year. Trucks, trailers and motorhomes also become even more popular choices for families, using them to travel while not staying at hotels.

That was especially true for racing families, who saw an opportunity to make purchases that benefitted them on and off the track.

With impressive amenities – ones that rival a house – Brotherton noted the quality of life in a motorhome is far superior to a hotel room, putting further credence that it may be the perfect option for racers and their families.

Along with that, Elite’s stellar track record with treating customers right led to a standout 2020. That success has been meaningful for Brotherton, but the company gets more satisfaction helping racers find the perfect match for their needs.

“From Top Fuel racers to families in Jr. Dragster, we try to treat them all well,” Brotherton said. “We try to help people be successful and the more we’ve done that, the more successful we’ve been.”

This company spotlight originally appeared in a DI Focus feature in DI #163, the Photo Annual, in December of 2020.



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