Driver Hangs Out of Barrel-Rolling Pro Street ’55 Chevy & Survives

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As Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws continues to grow in popularity the number of no-prep races at motor sports facilities around the country will likely continue to increase, and it’s hard not to celebrate the effort displayed and lengths to which promoters will go to curtail illegal street racing. However, running high horsepower race cars (or “street cars” depending on who you ask and their personal definition) will likely continue to result in the piling up of classic muscle cars and hot rods at a relatively rapid rate, as evidenced by this incident at Pikes Peak International Speedway during their Colorado Street Outlaws event. Fortunately, the driver, while most assuredly having went on a wild ride, was able to pull himself back into his previously gorgeous ’55 Chevy and then exit the car under his own power.




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