DRC Race Products Releases Spark Plug Indexing Tool

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DRC Race Products is proud to announce the availability of their Spark Plug Indexing Tool. For those looking to assure adequate spark plug clearance, indexing the plugs in an engine is a must. However, screwing plugs in and out of an engine takes time and patience. Using the DRC Spark Plug Indexing Tool, once you’ve found eight plugs which fit your cylinder heads, you simply screw them into the corresponding hole on the Tool, marking the bottom side. The next time you need new plugs, it becomes as easy as sitting on a stool using the marked Tool to find eight which fit. Manufactured from aluminum and black anodized for looks and durability, the Tool will also double to safely store a complete set of plugs. Works with both gasket and tapered seat plugs.

For more information, contact DRC Race Products, check out or call 570-658-3515.



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