Drag Illustrated Media Launches STREET/RACE Magazine

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Drag Illustrated Media LLC announced Jan. 13, plans to launch STREET/RACE Magazine – a new print and digital magazine for enthusiasts of modern-day, high-performance street cars.

Wes Buck

Wes Buck


“It’s not just street-and-strip anymore,” says Wes Buck, founder and CEO of Drag Illustrated Media LLC. “It’s street, strip, runway, road course – you name it. And it doesn’t take 5.14 gears, open headers and a 14:1 big block to have a fast street car these days. With the technology we now have available, it’s not a problem to have a 1,000-plus horsepower car that will run single digits in the quarter-mile, run 200 mph and be driven daily to work with the air conditioning and stereo going full blast. That’s what STREET/RACE Magazine is about.”

STREET/RACE Magazine bears no allegiance to any one make, model, brand, sanction or style of racing, leaving the editorial team free to cover the wide range of events and venues available to today’s fast-growing street car community.

“Street driven, raced anywhere. I don’t think anything sums up what STREET/RACE Magazine represents better than that,” STREET/RACE Editorial Director Kevin Cox says. “Street-legal drag races and roll racing events, standing mile and half-mile shootouts – that’s where we spend our weekends and that’s where we’ll create the content that fills the pages of the magazine, website and our social media channels.”

STREET/RACE Magazine will produce world-class content for hardcore enthusiasts and racers, and deliver it across multiple platforms, including print, digital, web and social. From in-depth driver profiles and car features to technical content and event coverage, STREET/RACE Magazine will be the go-to source for modern-day, street-and-race culture.

Drag Illustrated Media currently publishes the industry-leading drag racing magazine DRAG ILLUSTRATED, a media property that leverages the power of print plus digital to achieve maximum engagement and exposure.

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STREET/RACE Magazine will go to press with its first issue in April 2016. For more information, or to follow the STREET/RACE Magazine blog, log onto



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