Drag Illustrated Launching ‘Ride Along’ Live Reaction Show for ‘No Prep Kings’ Season 4

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Drag Illustrated Media, publishers of Drag Illustrated magazine, announced today a new online live reaction show to coincide with the Oct. 11 premiere of Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings Season 4 on Discovery. Drag Illustrated Ride Along will debut Monday night on the Drag Illustrated Facebook page and YouTube channel.

“With the ever-increasing level of interest in No Prep Kings and no-prep racing in general, our content team wanted to be a part of the conversation,” said Wes Buck, founder and editorial director, Drag Illustrated. “Instead of waiting days or weeks to provide commentary, we decided we’re going to do it in real time. Along with the rest of the country, we’re going to watch the new episodes every week as they’re airing on Discovery.”


DI Ride Along will go live at 7:45 ET/6:45 CT Monday night in advance of the No Prep Kings Season 4 premiere at 8 ET/9 CT. Buck will host Ride Along with co-hosts Mike Carpenter and J.t. “Murder Tundra” Hudson. The trio will be joined by a variety of guests each week.

“We pride ourselves in coming up with new, exciting ways to engage our audience and provide value for our partners,” said Buck, who also hosts the Wes Buck Show on Facebook and YouTube. “Through the magazine,, and my weekly show, we’ve learned that fans of No Prep Kings are hungry for more content. They want to hear from their favorite drivers and they want to know more about the drama, controversy and big performances on the show. Ride Along is for those fans who can’t get enough.”

DI Ride Along is the latest digital offering from Drag Illustrated, which started publishing its monthly print magazine in 2006.

“Content like DI Ride Along plays a major role in our continued evolution,” said Nate Van Wagnen, editor-in-chief, Drag Illustrated. “The print magazine will always be a key component for us, but we also realize it’s important to give drag racing’s passionate fans different ways to engage with the sport. With DI Ride Along, we hope to connect with the fans who’ve been following us for years, but also with No Prep Kings viewers who might be discovering us for the first time.”

Viewers can find DI Ride Along on the Drag Illustrated Facebook page and the Drag Illustrated YouTube Channel.



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