Drag Illustrated Kicking Off ‘DI Focus’ Series with Trucks & Trailers Feature in December Issue

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In an effort to highlight the offerings of businesses throughout the drag racing and high-performance automotive industries, Drag Illustrated is introducing a new series of features called the DI Focus. The series will kick off with a focus on trucks and trailers in the December issue.

“This is a unique opportunity for us to use our form of storytelling to help manufacturers, distributors and dealers introduce their products and services to a huge audience of interested potential buyers,” said Wes Buck, founder and editorial director, Drag Illustrated. “We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the best way to create tech-focused editorial content, and we believe this is it.”


The Trucks & Trailers feature will include not just motorhomes, toterhomes and trailers, but also a range of accessories that racers might need to complete their shop on wheels.

“This is a feature where buyers can see products from major brands as well as independent sellers,” said Will Mandell, senior sales representative, Drag Illustrated. “Readers will be able to view a list in a buyer’s guide-style section with photos and descriptions of trailers, cabinets, awnings, pit mats and tie downs to make race day a total success. We want to feature some of the coolest things you’ll ever see in the pits.”

Beyond the Trucks & Trailers feature, Mandell and the Drag Illustrated team have other DI Focus features planned across several premier issues in 2021. The themes include Crate Engines, Suspension & Brakes, Engine Components, Wheels & Tires, Dynos & Shop Machines, Suits & ‘Chutes, and Engine Management & Fuel Delivery.

“We wanted to put as many top-quality products together in an organized, easy-to-read reference guide to put racers in touch with the parts they need,” Mandell said. “Included will be some related editorial from industry experts, such as technical explanations provided by manufacturers and application tricks from our sport’s top participants. We want our readers and our advertising partners to have a way to connect, in print, online and on social media.”

Companies interested in participating in the DI Focus features can contact Wes Buck or Will Mandell via email.



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