Clean Up Your Gasoline Direct Injection Engine with Lucas Oil’s New Deep Clean GDI

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Lucas Oil Products, Inc. is happy to introduce the newest engine cleaner to its lineup, the Deep Clean GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection). The brand new professional grade formula can remove up to half of all valve deposits after one use by using a concentrated solvent and fuel detergent blend. It will clean an engine’s air intake like the runners, ports and valves as well as the turbo. The product is designed to remedy and prevent problems associated with the harmful carbon deposits that rob an engine of performance and fuel economy. In addition, Deep Clean GDI is also effective with port fuel injection engines.

Morgan Lucas, Senior Vice President of Sales is elated to launch this product by stating, “When direct injection engines were becoming more popular, we were excited for the performance gains that the engine type provides with more power and better fuel economy; however, it became obvious that carbon deposits collected rapidly, sometimes in under 5,000 miles. Prior to this product, mechanics would lose drastic amounts of time to complete an engine tear down to access the direct injectors, but this product gives mechanics and premium do-it-yourself customers their time back.”


“The issue of rapid accumulation of carbon deposits in direct injection engines has been on our radar a long time,” shared Lucas Oil’s Technical Director, Greg Hewgill. He continued, “The product is sprayed directly into the air intake system with a concentrated formula which remarkably can possibly generate a 50% reduction in carbon deposits in the engine according to our tests if used as directed. The results will restore horsepower and torque while also improving an engine’s fuel economy.”

The brand new Lucas Oil Deep Clean GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) is now available at your favorite auto parts retailer.

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