Clean up Shop Clutter with Pit Pal’s Deluxe Wall Organizer

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Pit Pal’s Deluxe Wall Organizer is functional in anyone’s garage, shop or trailer. This product offers shelf space for up to twenty quarts of oil, spray bottles, aerosol cans and more. Our Wall Organizer holds two rolls of paper towel at the bottom of the cabinet for easy clean-up and a 16” x 24” fold down work tray for added table space in your work area. Fabricated from heavy duty aluminum, our product is tig welded to last a lifetime. The Deluxe Wall Organizer is 27”W X 32”H X 6.75”D. Our cabinets come in many sizes to accommodate your space.

Don’t have what you are looking for? Call our Custom Shop and we will meet your product needs. Made in the USA. Call us at 1-888-748-7257 or visit us at for more information.



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