Brodix’s New Cylinder Head Offerings

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Brodix has released four new cylinder heads to serve a variety of applications in the high-horsepower drag racing world, from naturally aspirated bracket motors to Sonny Leonard-designed nitrous-huffing powerplants. As always, these cylinder heads are manufactured entirely in-house at Brodix.

One of the industry’s most durable LS compatible heads has been taken to the next level with the introduction of the 100% CNC ported BP BR 7 285 BS™ (pictured above) for turbo-charged and blown applications. This LS7 compatible head is designed for maximum durability under extreme conditions. The 285 BS head has a rigid rocker pad area for use with high horsepower engines. The larger, redesigned exhaust ports support turbo-charged and blown engines with ease. This 12° valve angle head flows over 415 cfm through a 285 cc intake port. The exhaust port flows over 255 cfm. The larger spring pockets will accommodate a 1.645 diameter valve spring for use with roller cams. A shaft rocker system and longer valves are required for use with this head.

The BP PB 2002 cylinder head was designed by legendary engine builder Sonny Leonard. If you are looking for raw horsepower, this 100% Brodix_BPPB2002CNC ported head is the answer. The BP PB 2002 has a 545 cc intake port that flows over 585 cfm. Nitrous is no stranger to the 14.5° valve angle head that incorporates conicle combustion chambers. The valve sizes are 2.520 / 1.860. The BP PB 2002 casting is a rock solid foundation for high horsepower engines.

The revolutionary new BR X™ from BRODIX® is by far the most powerful “as cast” conventional head on the market. The newly designed 444 cc intake port flows 495 cfm using a 2.400 intake valve. The exhaust port flows 305 cfm through only a 1.800 valve. This head features an efficient 100 cc CNC ported chamber, as well as a valve angle rolled to 20 degrees. This new head is completely compatible with all existing 20° BRODIX components.

The all new DN-9™ represents the latest in cylinder head technology. The all new, shallow 9 degree valve angle makesBrodix_DN9 this head the leader in its class. This head features raised 540 cc intake ports that flow over 588 cfm, and exhaust ports that flow over 354 cfm! This head utilizes a newly designed, efficient combustion chamber that measures 66 cc. The DN-9™ also features the most rigid rocker system on the market. This head comes standard with a 2.520 / 1.810 valve combination as well as copper intake/exhaust valve seats. These heads are machined to accept 1.740 valve spring cups and can be used in conjunction with the BRODIX® PM™ series of manifolds.

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