Bob Rahaim’s New Bickel-Built C7 Corvette Pro Mod

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The first C7 Corvette Pro Mod has rolled off the jigs at Jerry Bickel Race Cars, and it’s every bit as impressive as we were expecting it to be. The clean, swoopy piece is destined primarily for NHRA Pro Mod competition with 2012 ADRL Pro Nitrous champion Bob Rahaim behind the wheel.

“Every time you get a new car you get excited for it. I’m looking forward to going out and doing some early season testing. We’re going to take delivery of the car this week so we can finish some wiring and get to testing,” Rahaim said.


Following testing, Rahaim and his Chris Bell-led team will focus on racing in the quarter-mile with their Switzer Dynamics-powered Corvette.

“This will be our first full year with the NHRA in the Pro Mod ranks. We’re entered in all 10 races. By the grace of God we’ll be at all 10 of them. We’re excited about trying to run for the championship.”

The sleek C7 Corvette, while bearing the familiar silver and black paint scheme, is quite a departure from Rahaim’s past race cars.

“I really love the way the car looks,” Rahaim stated. “It seems like it’s going to to be a little more aerodynamic than the Camaro and hopefully that’s something that will go faster over the quarter-mile, particularly the back eighth-mile. It looks swoopier than the Camaro, the body we’ve had for the last three or four cars in a row.”

Rahaim’s Camaros were also built at Bickel’s Moscow Mills, Missouri shop.

“They’re really good people to work with. They take a lot of pride in their work,” Rahaim added.

Check out these first photos of the car sent to us by the guys at Jerry Bickel Race Cars.



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