Bickel Challenges Chassis Builders to Donate

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Jerry Bickel has a challenge to his peers in the chassis building business.

Jerry Bickel

Jerry Bickel


Bickel, who builds numerous Pro Modified doorslammers, would like to see every chassis builder join him in making a donation to Ian Tocher’s recovery fund.

Tocher, a senior editor for Drag Illustrated magazine, was injured on Saturday, April 9, when the Top Sportsman car driven by Ronnie Davis went airborne and struck him as he took photographs in the shutdown area of Rockingham Dragway.

Tocher suffered major injuries to his lower extremities while Davis later succumbed to his.

Bickel made a $1000 donation to the GoFundMe page to assist the Tocher family with expenses.

“Unfortunately, these things happen in drag racing and all forms of motorsports,” said Bickel. “Luckily they don’t happen often but when they do as a community, we ought to pull together. These kinds of tragedies affect lots of people’s lives. I think we should do the best we can to help one another in these times.

“I think all of us as chassis builders should also step up and help do what we can for this family. I hope this community can accept the challenge and do the same.”

Click here to visit the GoFundMe page to benefit Ian Tocher.



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