Al-Anabi Racing Issues Statement Regarding ADRL

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LogoadjIn response to the open letter sent out by ADRL president Kenny Nowling this week, Al-Anabi Racing USA, LLC CEO Donald Greenbaum issued a response. Read below:

On November 27th, 2013, American Drag Racing League (ADRL) president Kenny Nowling issued an open letter to the public stating that he had only been partially paid by the sponsor of the Battle For the Belts.


In September 2013, $380,000 was wired to Mr. Nowling to pay the ADRL Battle For the Belts purse to non Al‐Anabi owned race teams. The Al‐Anabi Racing teams were paid directly by Al‐Anabi Racing the sum they were owed by the ADRL. The total of these two payments amounted to $500,000.

Earlier in 2013, the ADRL received from Al‐Anabi other payments totaling $280,000 to support the ADRL championship purse and the newly announced Pro Drag Radial class.

No one has supported the ADRL and doorslammer drag racing more than Al‐Anabi Racing and it is outrageous for Mr. Nowling to blame others for his failure to distribute his sponsor’s money after he received it.

We would rather not be involved in a public discussion of the matter, but the events of this week leave us no choice. We now leave it up to Mr. Nowling to show the racing community how the distribution of the $380,000 he received in September was handled. Only he has the canceled checks.


Donald R. Greenbaum

Chief Executive Officer

Al-Anabi Racing USA, LLC





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