AJPE Doubles Down on Lowmad Partnership to Accelerate R&D Program

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The 2016 season provided a lot of insight into the potential of the Alan Johnson Performance 5300 Hemi power plant. The combo sparked a great deal of interest to open the season, as the innovative engine found the winner’s circle, then blasted past the 210 mph mark between the frame rails of Thomas Huddleston’s legendary “Lowmad” Pro Modified Chevy Belair. Coming off the season’s high notes, both AJPE and the Huddleston Performance team are looking to accelerate the R&D program on the 5300 to put it into mainstream Pro Modified for 2017.

For the 2017 and 2018 seasons, the AJPE team will be providing the Lowmad with a second AJPE 5300 combination. The introduction of a second 5300 engine into the mix gives both teams the ammo needed to fully develop this program at a high level. In addition to building and preparing the second engine, the AJPE team has been hard at work on the development side of the 5300. The new engine will tip the scales roughly 25 pounds lighter than the original, and incorporate a number of new pieces developed throughout the 2016 season.


Thomas Huddleston, driver of the Lowmad, couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season. “The 2016 season was a great year for us. We found the winner’s circle a few times and ran some big numbers. For the AJPE team to recognize that, and want to provide the additional hardware to accelerate this 5300 combination is very exciting. Between the work they’ve done on the 5300, some work we’re doing on the Lowmad, and the added weight for 2017 in various series, I think this 5300 can find a home at the front of the pack anywhere we race.”

The Lowmad team is looking to compete in many arenas in 2017. Don’t be surprised if you see the historic wagon venture out to events all over the East Coast.



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