AirTek Pressure Controls Tire Pressure System

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Product Development Group is proud to announce the all new AirTek Pressure Controls product line.  This revolutionary method of regulating and
monitoring tire pressure will take the variables and guess work out of the equation for on the track tire pressure settings.  AirTek Pressure Controls can and will astound you with capabilities of setting tire pressures to within one 1/100 of a pound, and it will repeat reading and settings time after time.  AirTek Pressure Controls will allow you to check pressure, release pressure or add pressure all in one hand held manifold.  Our permanent valve stem fittings allow instant connection to the tire and wheel.

You then have a closed loop system that eliminates any pressure  loss or variables no matter what function you are implementing ie. adding pressure, checking pressure, or reading pressure.  AirTek even has a changeable jet to regulate the air bleed rate for various tire sizes.  AirTek allows individual tire pressure regulation and also offers (4) tire pressure control with our all new quad manifold system.  The quad system allows regulation and setting of pressures in all (4) tires at once.

This is the ultimate tool in final chassis set-up for all types of oval and road race cars.  Whether you road race, drag race, kart race, oval race or any other form of racing, AirTek Pressure Controls has a system to fit your needs.



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