HANS Sport II Youth Provides Professional Protection in Youth Sizing

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Simpson Performance Products introduces the new HANS Device Sport II Youth SFI 38.1 certified head restraint model, manufactured especially for young racers and smaller frames. The Sport II Youth protects younger, still developing racers with our patented HANS technology in a rounded, smaller collar and similarly proportioned legs. Priced at $499, the lightest ever Sport II HANS Device is affordably priced protection for young racers.

HANS_Sport YouthThe Sport II Youth follows in the tradition of the other Sport II HANS devices by making the same protection enjoyed by champions in major series around the world available at a greatly reduced price. Additionally, the Sport II Youth device is manufactured using eco-friendly materials.

Current research shows head restraints are needed by the vast majority of enthusiasts or weekend racers. The affordable price and the excellent resale value of the HANS Device is an investment in a young racer’s safety that we as parents cannot afford to ignore.

“Too often people think it’s only the racer who exceeds 200 miles per hour who will benefit from a head restraint,” said Chuck Davies, CEO of Simpson Performance Products. “We know that is simply not the case. Life threatening injuries can occur at speeds of 40 mph, but many can be avoided by wearing a certified head and neck restraint. We engineered the HANS Sport II restraint to provide the weekend racer the same protection as Tony Stewart or John Force, at an affordable price. The HANS Sport II Youth extends this protection to our younger racers who are the future of our sport.”

Simpson offers SFI certified head and neck restraints in sizes to protect racers age 5 and up. The HANS Sport II Youth model has a 3” leg opening, designed for neck circumferences of 12 ½ to 14 ½ inches. For smaller necks, check out Simpson’s Hybrid Sport in junior sizes. Our customer service professionals are available to help you choose the right model and size head and neck restraint.


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