BUCK: Top 8 Cars from Lights Out V

[tps_header]Drag Illustrated Editor-in-Chief, Wes Buck, admits a unique taste in vehicles. While born and bred a diehard General Motors man, he’s appreciative of any make and model race car that is tastefully done, but it takes something pretty dead-on to get his attention that falls outside the confines of Chevrolets and Pontiacs – primarily Pontiacs, as you’ll notice in his highest ranked cars. He also openly admits an uncanny passion for nitrous cars – which dates back to his street car days. That doesn’t mean he ignores anything blown or boosted, but, again, it takes something pretty specific to get his attention. He does, however, acknowledge a penchant for obnoxiously loud centrifugal blower cars.[/tps_header] [tps_title]LIL’ RED ‘VETTE[/tps_title]

There’s just something about C5 Corvettes that does me in. Leave the ol’ girl a factory red, along with factory molding, lights, emblems, mirrors and the likes, insert a ridiculous, screaming nitrous small block in it and…well…you’ve got a winner with me. I’ll take two, please.

WB Top 8 - 1

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