Al-Anabi Racing Issues Statement Regarding ADRL

LogoadjIn response to the open letter sent out by ADRL president Kenny Nowling this week, Al-Anabi Racing USA, LLC CEO Donald Greenbaum issued a response. Read below:

On November 27th, 2013, American Drag Racing League (ADRL) president Kenny Nowling issued an open letter to the public stating that he had only been partially paid by the sponsor of the Battle For the Belts.

In September 2013, $380,000 was wired to Mr. Nowling to pay the ADRL Battle For the Belts purse to non Al‐Anabi owned race teams. The Al‐Anabi Racing teams were paid directly by Al‐Anabi Racing the sum they were owed by the ADRL. The total of these two payments amounted to $500,000.

Earlier in 2013, the ADRL received from Al‐Anabi other payments totaling $280,000 to support the ADRL championship purse and the newly announced Pro Drag Radial class.

No one has supported the ADRL and doorslammer drag racing more than Al‐Anabi Racing and it is outrageous for Mr. Nowling to blame others for his failure to distribute his sponsor’s money after he received it.

We would rather not be involved in a public discussion of the matter, but the events of this week leave us no choice. We now leave it up to Mr. Nowling to show the racing community how the distribution of the $380,000 he received in September was handled. Only he has the canceled checks.


Donald R. Greenbaum

Chief Executive Officer

Al-Anabi Racing USA, LLC


8 Responses to Al-Anabi Racing Issues Statement Regarding ADRL

  1. Big Daddy

    Busted. Looks like someone has some explaining to do. So sad no honesty in this country anymore.

  2. Sam DeCaro

    Lucy you got a lot of splaining to do

  3. John Razler

    I really would like to be a fly in the wall that day to see who’s telling the truth but either way is the racers the crew guy’s & the fans who got screwed the most. Rite now i truly think that from 8.50 guys to 10.5 & pro mods for drag racing back to its roots cause N.H.R.A.It’s not anything like it used to be it’s boaring

  4. Jim Coneybeare

    What a mess. Bad days for the ADRL for sure. Banks will issue copies of checks. I can go online right this second and download copies of any checks I’ve written either on my business account or on my personal account. However in this situation legal advice might deter any individual from doing so, and may hinder any future court actions.

  5. Gary S

    I’d not make any comments siding with who the honest parties are in this dispute just yet…

  6. don becker

    Seems to me Knowling might demand to see Al-Anabi’s cancelled checks or record of wire transfers from one pocket to another. (Greenbaum letter,)AND
    it’s absurd to infer Knowling would make partial pay-out of purses for ANY reason except the anticipation of monies due in from his event sponsor.

  7. Tim Cooper

    This is bad for me.One of the few things I get to go do every year seems to be ending.I have seen close to every ADRL race in NC but because of this scam no NC dates for the ADRL.Guess I will go check out the new rival series coming to Rockingham 2x this year.Very interested to see it shake out hope it turns out good.For the Rock

  8. red neck rick

    seems to me about 3 or 4 yrs ago mr Kenny was booted for taking money from the adrl and then 3 yrs or 2 yrs later they hire him back,…a rose is a rose..what did you think ,,,he,s going to change…

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